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sophie hammarstrÖM

*1973 in Genf

The painter Sophie Hammarström is usually the center motive her paintings. Through her entire oeuvre, Sophie Hammarström dedicates herself to her own physicality and presents her directly in a consciously selected and yet random produced image section. Hammarström photographes herself in mostly everyday situations and transformes the thus-produced image of a moment in reality through the process of painting. The process of mixing and searching for the atmospherically appropriate color is an elementary component of the image construction for Sophie Hammarström in the process of the creation of the works. Contrary to a photograph, it is not a smooth surface but a coarse, pasty and multi-layered paint application. The powerful brush strokes run out of the motif in some places and direct the beholder in that moment to the material carrier as well as to the means of painting per se. the beholder is thrown out of the illusion of the picture due to the tension between the manual execution of the color application with the visible brushstrokes and the representation. Sophie Hammarström leads us through the image construction and with her gestural brushstrokes puts herself into the picture as a painter as well as a motive.


1999 Diplom Kunsthochschule Genf
2003-2010 persönliche Malassistentin von Martin Eder, Berlin, D

Solo Exhibitions

2014 Lifeline, Galerie Idea Fixa. Basel, CH

2010 „Hell/ ein Sommer in Skogstuna“, Galerie T40, Düsseldorf, D.

2005 Sophie Hammarström/ Malerei@, Galerie Echolot, Berlin, D.

2004 Sophie Hammarström/ Malerei@, Galerie Echolot, Berlin, D.

2001 Télé-Vision@, Auktionsgalerie Ezwei, Garderobe 23, Kunstfabrik am Flutgraben, Berlin, D.



Group Exhibitions

2010 Aqua Miami, USA.

          Berliner Liste, Berlin, D.

2009 Berliner Kunstsalon, D.

2008  „The Joy of Sex“, White Square Gallery, Las Vegas, USA.

2007 Prime time Galerie Wendt +Friedmann, Berlin, D.

          Selbstportraits in Zeit, Raum & Licht@, Galerie Wendt + Friedmann, Berlin, D.

2005 Preview Kunstmesse, Berlin, D.

2004 Mann & Frau intim, Galerie im Kunsthaus Erfurt, Erfurt, D.

          11“, Galerie Echolot, Berlin, D.

          Tiefsee, Galerie Echolot, Berlin, D.

2001 Private Urbanity, Peinture privée@, Basel, CH.

          Wettbewerb Stiftung Lissignol, Zentrum der zeitgenössische Kunst, Genf CH.

          Wettbewerb für freie Kunst; zweite Runde, Bourses Fédérales, Basel, CH.

2000 Aspekt Portraits@, Tal Museum Engelberg, Obwald, CH.

          Girls, Galerie Brigitte Weiss, Zürich, CH.

          Peindre aujourd’hui?, Villa Bernasconi, Genf, CH.

1999 East of fame and making art for the future@, Seedamm-Kulturzentrum, Schwyz, CH.

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