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Home! Safe haven and place of yearning. Stronghold of assured values and mirror image of stability. The artist Sandra Knecht affirmatively undermines the concept of homeland. She cooks the animals and plants of her environment. She employs images and films of the popular canon, with which we see ourselves confronted every day, whether we‘d like to or not. Behind the authentic, the familiar and the obvious, lies a merciless process of elimination. Narratives designed to bring existential comfort to the majority. The deviation from the rules is more than the mere difference. It has consequences. With #Troja, Sandra Knecht pursues these dismissals, not through a romanticizing outsider position nor through moral rigorism of the artistic avant-garde. She establishes an aesthetic balancing act with searching movements. Not a transgression of societal norms, but a reinforcement. Nothing is clear, when everything is. 

Text: Stefan Wagner

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